Visual Effects & Music – Animorphs Speculation Post #2

I’m finally back again after nearly a month of procrastination (which I am really bad about), and I am terribly sorry. I’ve had some things (good things) happen during that time, but instead of putting it all in one post, which would be confusing (and because I don’t like to mix things like that very often), it will probably be broken down in a few posts.

Today’s post was originally meant to be two separate parts in my on-going Speculation series – a Visual Effects Studio prediction and a Composer prediction.

Animorphs will be a very visual effects-heavy film, and we will be looking at several possible studios: Moving Pictures Company, Tippett Studios, The Embassy VFX, and Method Studios.

British-based visual effects studio Moving Picture Company is known for their stellar work in Guardians of the Galaxy, 1917, the Harry Potter films, Prometheus, 2019’s The Lion King and a host of other recent Disney films. I have specifically included them on the list because of their handling of the effects in Goosebumps (because Scholastic), as well as the upcoming The One and Only Ivan, based on the book that was also written by Katherine Applegate.

American visual effects company founded by the legendary Phil Tippett, I have added Tippett Studio as a possibility because of their CG animation work featured in the Twilight saga.

Another studio on the list, The Embassy VFX, known for their work in Iron Man, District 9, Cowboys and Aliens, Elysium, and Ender’s Game, is featured here for their work in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

The last studio listed here as a possible option is Method Studios, known for their work in Top Gun: Maverick, Jumanji: the Next Level, Men in Black: International, Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald, and Avengers: Infinity War, they also handled the visual effects of Divergent.

The final part of this 2nd speculation video will talk about the music of the upcoming film and possible composers. The composers I have decided to list here as big possibilities are John Williams, James Newton Howard, John Powell, Danny Elfman, Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Junkie XL.

John Williams is regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time, having composed for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and the Harry Potter films. Perhaps he is too high-tier for Animorphs, and it might be a stretch to even consider him, though anything can happen.
Note: I’m looking at the list I had on my phone and I’m not sure how John Williams ended up on my list of possibilities; I had The Hunger Games attached to his name originally, so it must have been a mix-up between him and James Newton Howard, who I had put down since he is another one of my favorites, but who actually composed The Hunger Games.

James Newton Howard gets a point for being a realistic possibility because of his work featured in The Hunger Games. One of my personal favorites, he is also known for his work in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, the Fantastic Beasts films, as well as Disney’s Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Dinosaur.

Composers John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon), Harry Gregson-Williams (The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), and Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, Inception) are listed here for no other reason other than the fact that they’re more favorites of mine.

Danny Elfman is known for his work on 2019’s Dumbo, 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, Fifty Shades of Grey, Oz the Great and Powerful, Good Will Hunting and Men in Black, but possibly even more known for creating the theme of The Simpsons. He’s made it on the list for being the composer of Goosebumps.

Last but not least, I have listed Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL. This name wasn’t familiar to me, I had to actually look him up, and was a little surprised to see the films he’s composed for: Mad Max: Fury Road, Blade, Deadpool, Batman vs. Superman, The Dark Tower, Divergent, Alita: Battle Angel, and many more. His style is very well-suited to films of heavy action and sci-fi, and the more I have gone back and listened to tracks from Alita, the more I can really, genuinely imagine his work being in something like Animorphs.

It’s hard to say when we might get concrete news on the status of production on Animorphs. It could very well be in the making right now as I post these rather silly (though fun) speculation posts. My current prediction for the upcoming film is its visual effects being done by MPC and the score composed by Junkie XL.

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I am about to have a nostalgic aneurysm.

I was obsessed with this back in the late 90s, when I often spent many a day on my grandmother’s Windows 95 computer, and I would beg to play Taipei.

Though the original-original I once played was on a plain, green background, this is as close to that original as can be found. You can find it on, though if you have trouble trying to download it, you can also find the free demo here.

Time Shuttle Mawson Disaster

AdChron International Chrononautics Centre

The Time Shuttle Mawson disaster was a fatal incident in the International time-travel program that occurred on Tuesday, January 28, 2106, when the Time Shuttle Mawson, on an expedition to the Pleistocene Ice Age 34,000 years ago, returned to the present via automatic retrieval 12 days into its expedition, severely damaged and none of its seven crew members aboard, who were all ultimately pronounced dead of unknown causes.

On January 28th, 2106, the first major time-travel event that was broadcasted live around the world, ended in catastrophic failure of unknown causes and the mysterious deaths of all 7 crew members on board. Several conspiracies abound as to the cause of the tragedy, most notable being that the coordinate-dates were sabotaged behind the scenes and altered just before launch.

The event took place at the AdChron Administration facility built on the great plains of Alberta, Canada – the largest of its kind in the world. Approximately the length of 12 American football fields in order to properly accommodate the number of years being traveled, the facility took roughly 25 years to construct.

The expedition was to last ten days, during which time a collection of digital data, fed wirelessly from the crew back to the Mawson, then forwarded again to the present using an undisclosed quantum-link technology built into the Mawson, was to be analyzed then presented to the media. This was expected to be in the form of reports and photographs. Video capture was unfortunately shown to not playback or send properly if travel exceeded 2,000 years. However, 24 hours after launch and there had been no reports or information feedback at all, which was first attributed to being a technical error and consequence of the exceedingly great distance in time.

Excerpt taken from The White Flash, first part of the series A Waltz Through Time.

What Do You Want in a Trailer? – Animorphs Speculation Post #1

Since the official announcement of an actual Animorphs movie nearly 9 days ago, my mind has been in a wild flurry of all sorts of questions. What will this actually look like? The art direction? The score? The live-action cast? The voice actors? How will certain elements (such as the iconic thought-speech) be portrayed, and sound like? But one thing in particular that’s guaranteed to happen, is a theatrical trailer – what will that look like? Though we’ve only just been told that a movie is indeed happening, meaning we have absolutely nothing in terms of concept art or even a cast – you can be certain that a trailer will be coming. Whether that is sometime next year, or later down the line. So let’s speculate!

Crafting a teaser trailer is an art. If done right, trailers can have the ability to create needed hype and excite us, and I think it all comes down to presentation, specific usage of scenes and choice of those scenes, and of course, choice of music. Even as a young child, one of my favorite parts of going to a cinema to see a movie, was getting to see the trailers beforehand (and I was often quite upset if I missed them!). What new and exciting film would I get to anticipate next?

First up, is a selection of trailers that I personally enjoyed very much – despite what my opinion was on the actual film (and we can only hope that won’t be the case for Animorphs). Though a couple of these were considered “a big deal,” and therefore may not be a fair comparison, they do contain elements of what I think makes a trailer especially great.

For the sake of this study, most all the trailers listed here are very recent, in order to get a better idea of what we could be getting.

Jurassic World (2014)

I might be asking for too much with this one, as the fact that it’s a recognizable franchise lent itself to the excitement, but I do love how the entire thing plays out, and especially the choice of music and how it’s worked in.

The Lion King (2019)

Just like the Jurassic World trailer, it probably doesn’t seem logical for me to include 2019’s The Lion King. Despite the actual movie… not being what I hoped for, I loved the epic feel of the trailer, which boiled down to both familiar music and imagery. Probably not an appropriate format for Animorphs, but it definitely made an impression and stayed with me long after.

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D (2013)

When Walking With‘s trailer first premiered in 2013, it was before Fox execs turned it into the dumpster fire it ultimately became, and it’s theatrical trailer is an absolute beauty to behold. Breathtaking CG shots dominate throughout, accompanied by a gorgeous music piece by Audiomachine titled “The New Earth,” the final product is awe-inspiring, emotional, and certainly hype-inducing.

Up next is a selection of more appropriate trailers – two of which being actual book adaptations – and will be a more accurate depiction of what we might expect from an Animorphs trailer.

The Call of the Wild (2020)

You can complain all you want about the CG dog in The Call of the Wild, however no one’s ever going to be happy because I can promise you, had Buck been a real dog, people would still have a reason to complain. But that’s another topic for another time. What the trailer does provide are several shots of dramatic sequences and a heavy dose of CGI animals – all of which are elements that should be mandatory for an Animorphs trailer.

His Dark Materials: Season 1 (2019)

I have not read the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials, nor have I seen the 2007 film The Golden Compass, however it could be a safe bet to imagine an Animorphs trailer being very similar in terms of extensive CGI, creatures, and animals.

Stranger Things: Season 1 (2016)

I have saved the best for last, and while not a movie and neither based on a book, it is often used as the poster-child for how an Animorphs film could potentially be successful – Netflix’s Stranger Things. In previous years, the thought of something like an Animorphs movie seemed very unlikely to happen – after all, it featured young kids and dark, heavy themes of war and violence. How do you market that? Who do you market it to? Then Stranger Things happened, a science-fiction lovechild of The Goonies and a Stephen King novel, set in the 1980s – and it’s been a smash hit.

To wrap this up, I have listed some ways I would like to see a trailer done, and also some realistic expectations for how it might probably be done. And yet, right now it’s very hard to gauge how this might go. Scholastic has said they are doing a movie, much to the worry of fans who are all in agreement that a Netflix-style series might work best without there being too much condensing (I mean, there’s like fifty-five books plus several others; small books, but still). A trilogy at least would be more plausible – but even then, I have my own fears, and I will tell you why.

Eragon (2006)

Eragon was originally meant to be more than the one film, based on each book of the Inheritance trilogy. It had so much potential, and they really intended on making more movies, but the original film was just so terrible, that they held off entirely. In the end, it was really only Eragon in name.

Everything really depends right now on the creative teams behind this. If they have the same love and passion for these books as its fans have had for all these years – myself included – then this could be something really special.

Update: So re-reading through the initial Reddit post, I caught something that I didn’t pay too much attention to the first time. It was a quote from Michael Grant’s Twitter with a mention of producers Eric Feig and Lucy Kitada from Picturestart who are set to direct, and a slew of titles, such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, Wonder, and Twilight. Upon doing some digging, if you look at Eric Feig’s filmography, it does indeed show that he has produced, originated, and supervised these titles.
This is a big deal.
It actually gives us a good idea of what to expect. The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Twilight (as much as I loathe it) were all well-done and very successful, and spawned multiple sequels*. I feel a lot better about this, and honestly think that Animorphs has the potential to be their most ambitious project yet.


The Hunger Games (2012)
Divergent (2014)
I debated for a good five minutes whether or not to actually link this trailer, but for the sake of continuity and this rambly-ass post, it’s getting posted.

*Edit: Divergent apparently didn’t really do so hot either, so… I don’t know, folks. It’s all in the air, honestly.

Oh My Heavens!!

(This is a somewhat long blog post because once again, I have failed to do my job -_-)

It’s been a couple months since my last posting (which the last posting doesn’t exactly count because it was a re-posting of an actual journal entry written back in January).

First thing’s first, I’m now in a relationship with a really great and  wonderful guy from Texas that I had met on a Facebook singles group.

In the midst of all that happening, about late April, I quit The Elder Scrolls Online for good. Uninstalled the game. Never going back. No more interacting with an ex, no more stress and bitterness and feeling like I have to log on to do this or that for someone, and absolutely no more temptation to buy mounts and pets and those damned loot boxes. However, to replace it, I downloaded Final Fantasy XIV and all its expansions (which were on sale), played about a month of it, completed the main scenario quest, and I’ve really, really enjoyed my time. I adore Final Fantasy and I think it’s definitely a proper fit for me. BUT… I actually haven’t logged on in about a month as of this posting. So right now, I’m not sure if perhaps I could potentially be done with MMO’s or not? Only time will tell.

A few months ago, I had intended to make a post about a little something I read in the grapevine that is Reddit. So, I have the pleasure of being in an Animorphs community. This little beauty is currently in the works as I write this:

I’m honestly speechless!! For someone who had wanted something like a movie or a Netflix-series-adaptation for over 20 damn years – this comes pretty close to it. It almost doesn’t even seem real – but yet, here it is.

Which brings me to my last update in this post. I said I had always wanted a proper Animorphs film or series. It’s true. Since about the time I was in Junior High back in the late 90s. It was my dream at a young age to go into a career of film so I could make that dream a reality. But such an endeavor turned out to not be very realistic, and, in the end, I resorted to a more practical living and just writing here and there (when I don’t procrastinate). But the dream and the longing was always ever there, and periodically I would check online sources to see if such a dream project ever got the greenlight.
So last night, as I was doing my pre-bedtime browsing of Reddit, I happened on a thread in r/movies that asked “why were there so many live action “animal” movies in the 90s?” To which one user replied something to the effect of “to practice for the upcoming Animorphs movie.” I read it as almost a joke, as I unfortunately remember the horror that Nickleodeon wrought upon the world in the late 90s.
Except that wasn’t a movie. It was a TV show.
Thinking this was unusual, I had a strong feeling that I should poke my head in r/Animorphs, as it had been a few days since I visited the sub.

What I saw made my stomach hit the floor.

This is not a false alarm. This is not a joke. This is absolutely real, and looks to be absolutely happening.

The year 2020 may just be my year, after all.

I Can’t Keep a Written Journal

Or diary, whatever you want to call them. I’ve bought dozens of blank journals, many of them quite nice, only to write a few pages and then lose any motivation to continue them further. My mind is always packed full of ideas and things I could write, but I think that’s my problem – so many things in my head but I can’t get them out fast enough before I burn out and my hand tires. So starting today, I’m going to try this again, but using what I know best: the keyboard. The only real useful skill I ever took from high school. Oh, where would I be without my keyboarding. I’ve had many things take place since my last posting – most notably the end of a nearly 3-year long-distance relationship at the beginning of this year. Yes I’m fine, or least I’ve been getting better more and more each day. No, I would not really recommend that kind of a relationship to anyone, unless both parties had the means and money to visit often, definite future plans, dedication, trust, patience, understanding, and most important of all, an absolute end in site.

None of which we had at all.