First Sign of Fall

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“I Come Back to You Now… at the Turn of the Tide.”

After more than two years of silence, of drastic change, calamity, love and loss, I’ve gotten a small itch to start this little thing up again. And there’s a lot I want to sit down and talk about. Some of it ideas, some of it relevant, random, and otherwise plain venting.

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“The Rift” – New Short Story Concept

Dangerous and unexpected things happen when the mind wanders…

New short story concept I’d like to develop further… and apparently, I’ve made one too many visits to my favorite local park..

THE RIFT – Something strange resides in Martin Park. Tony knows it. He’s seen it. A tear. A fissure. A window, hardly visible to the naked eye. A doorway into bygones and have-beens. But even stranger still is the park’s founder – is he dead, or still living? Tony’s heard both. As he digs ever deeper into the park’s unusual past, Tony will pass through that which is forbidden, and discover secrets beyond his wildest imaginings.

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There’s a fire inside of my chest and it won’t ever rest

After countless edits and overhauls and re-dos and fixes… and after causing me much grief and nearly making me rage-quit… out from development hell (well I mean not really, it’s still in development, just not so much in hell) comes another project of mine.


The Eight have been taken…

Nearly 20 years after the War, young Robert Noles inherits a peculiar device. It’s only purpose: to seek that which has been lost. As Rob follows the device on an epic search, he soon learns that he is not the only one trailing behind. Curious foes pursue the device for their own selfish desires – some for good, and others for terrible evil. A darkness once defeated stirs in silence, and a proud king falls to madness. The masters of the Game are poised to strike the other, and Rob will hold a fate that he never imagined.

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Current Projects


I have a number of written projects currently being worked on, you can follow me at:

You can also follow me here. That’s fine, too.


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Vicious Cycle

I need to just deal with the fact that every last week and 1/2 of each month, I’m simply out of commission due to PMDD. No writing, no creative thinking, no nothing. 

It’s literally one giant burnout. Saying that I hate it is probably an understatement. 

I’m fine now, but last week wasn’t the case. 

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First post

Trying my hand at a blog after many requests – and many years. 

So, here we are again. Things look familiar enough.

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